Greyhawk by Eric

The Begining
  • Pathos – Warlock
  • Svetlana – Wizard
  • Torinn Dji – Warlord
  • Varryn – Ranger
  • Elgmore (Egg)- Paladin
  • Riggby: Cleric
  • Veressa: Patron
  • Bob: Butler
  • Goblin Party Leader
  • 3 Goblin Minions
  • 2 Dire Rats
  • 2 Rat Swarms
    Items Stolen
  • Small bronze statue of Boccob.
  • Silverware.
  • 100gp

Sent by Veressa from the academy to investigate the death of Bob and the theft of valuables. Pathos overheard in the bar their issue and offers his services if he receives a cut. There is no love lost between the Paladin and the Warlock.

The Elderly cleric of Boccob? has had a statue stolen, other valuables, and his butler was killed. We find from Riggby that the butler was killed with a spear. After investigation we find smaller then human footprints in the Garden. There is a 5 foot wall around the wall. There is a gate that faces a field. The footprints where found in the middle of the garden, some of them do not have boots and there are small feet with claws.

We wait for nightfall and the Ranger and Paladin hear some scraping sounds from a tool shed in the back of the Garden.

Goblins come from the shed and are sneaking around.

The Goblins hear the Paladin and Ranger in the court yard. The warlord and wizard moves to the window to see into the garden. The Ranger backs up so he can charge. The Paladin channels divine strength and runs in to attack. the Leader goblin stands in leather with a longsword with 3 minions. The Paladin swings and the goblins slips over to his right. The minions more to surround the Paladin. The goblin leader attacks the Paladin and his longsword bites into an open spot in his armor. The Warlock curses one of the minions and throws a blast of Eldritch energy but the goblin jumps out of the way of the blast. The wizard frosted the area. The Ranger hit the Goblin leader with an arrow. Two of the minions missed but the third did not and hit the Paladin. The Goblin Leader hit the Paladin with the longsword once again. The warlock blasts his cursed target and the wizard throws magic missiles at that same target. Paladin healed and attempted to step back. Two of the goblin minions hit him as he steps back and the Paladin goes down.

The hurt minion switches places with one of the other minions. The Leader missed the Warlord but the minion takes the opportunity to hit the Warlord. The Warlock casts another eldritch blast and the bloodied minion goes down. The Warlock shimmers with the energy of his life force. The Warlock curses another minion The Warlord pulls the Paladin out of the shed. The wizard casts the an illusion. The goblins see a chasm open up beneath their feet. They are paralyzed with fear. The Ranger goes running in and performs a spectacular attack on the Leader. The Goblin Leader falls and is on deaths door. The Warlock attacks his cursed target, kills him and feeds on the energy. The warlock turns and curses the last minion. The Ranger then kills the last minion.

We stabilize the Paladin and the Goblin Leader. The Warlock carves a curse into he Goblin Leader’s arm. They tie the Goblin Leader and the warlock and the warlord get the goblin to talk about the Big Boss Goblin. The Goblin Party leader tells them that there are close to twenty other goblins in the lair.

New NPC Goblin Boss: Grump.

The goblin leader is sent back to town to be questioned by the elder cleric. The party rests the rest of the night. They set off down the goblin cave in the morning.

They move forward and 125 feet down the tunnel. They come to a fork and take the left path. They encountered a rock slide and the Ranger and the Paladin do not make it out of the way. There are some rats and two dire rats that come to investigate the rock slide. The warlock curses the nearest Dire rat but misses him with a blast of eldritch energy. The Wizard cast an illusion of a chasm and they are paralyzed as the orb pulses to empower the spell. The Warlord uses his breath weapon and breathes fire on the group of rats and the two dire rats. The ranger hits the Dire rat and his new vicious longsword bites into flesh of the rat. The rat falls and the rangers second strike misses but is not needed. The Paladin hits the swarm of rats and cuts them up with his longsword. The Warlock curses the next dire rat and misses it with the eldritch energy. The wizard fires magic missile into the swarm of rats and kills a good number of them. The Ranger then hits the dire rat and also swings at the rat swarm killing the rest of the swarm.

Treasure: Vicious Longsword +1 off of the Goblin Leader to the Ranger.

End of the first adventure.


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